Senti, ero (2016)

Senti, ero. (2016)

for Violin and Live Electronics.
Dedicated to Lorenzo Pagliei.
Violin: Cristiano Viviani
Live Electronics: Giovanni Frison
Every electronic sound has been created live and elaborated from the performance of the violin.
Please listen to it with with good headphones.

Recording violin samples (genuary 2016), Den Haag

Rehearsal of “Senti, ero” with Cristiano Viviani (February 2016), Den Haag

Composing “Senti, ero” _ I (Genuary 2016), Den Haag

Composing “Senti, ero” _ II (Genuary 2016), Den Haag

The score and the tape (February 2016), Den Haag

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Giovanni Frison - Composer